Smart contracts
Built with no code.

BitruX is the world’s first network of decentralized applications specializing in their vertical markets. It enables each member application to have its own marketplace, community, and automated administrative system -
all powered by Ethereum and no-code development.

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01. About us

We are innovators

By disrupting the way transactions is being originated and managed, we can accelerate trustless transactions in this world - placing more and more freedom in the hands of the people.

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Our platform enables our member apps to generate bug-free smart contracts in real-time via visual drag & drop interfaces.

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BitruX will operate under a glass house structure. Token holders are included in all business activities and have great influence.

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Our open and extendable architecture enables member apps to implement their own unique features and functionality.

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Infrastructure and technology is provided to facilitate a network of decentralized apps that specialize in their own vertical industries.

02. Our benefits

Smart contracts — code free

Member applications can visually configure and generate fully customized, simplified smart contracts online in real-time for their clients - all without coding.

Greater Stakeholder

Because Rintagi builds and updates apps so quickly, BitruX can share fully functional features with member application partners in days or even hours.

Maintaining a short, dynamic iteration cycle fosters more active engagement. In addition, there is a clear, ongoing sense of progress and responsiveness.

Lower Risk,
Higher ROI

With Rintagi, all the security, cross-platform support and data integration capabilities have already been built and can be customized easily.

Consequently, our member application partners can focus on solving business problems and creating no-code experiences for their clients.

Solving the IT
Skills Gap

The intuitive, drag-and-drop development in Rintagi levels the playing field. Knowledge of specific coding languages is no longer necessary to develop apps.

In many cases, even non-technical users can learn to build their own member applications. Waiting for IT support becomes a thing of the past.

Build Once,
Deploy Everywhere

For those accustomed to traditional methods, Rintagi is a great acceleration tool because your work will be instantly suitable for all devices via responsive design.

It saves so much time from hand-coding and testing for each device and environment. Delivering solutions has never been easier.

Innovation and

Hand coding an app is both time-consuming and labor intensive. With low-code platforms like Rintagi, all that goes away.

As a result, developers can create innovative new functionality or customize features without the mundane dragging them down. In addition, this paradigm shift can keep top performers more engaged and enthusiastic.

Full Lifecycle

App development does not end with a successful launch. There are updates, feature enhancements, and bug fixes to consider.

With Rintagi, complex updates can be performed and new features delivered in minutes. And it is done with minimal impact on other development projects.

03. Future-Proof

Double Future-Proof

As new technology comes along and new features become available, member applications can take advantage of them via our low-code technology upgrade. In seconds these no-code applications can be rejuvenated with newer interfaces and modern feature sets.

Not only that, the self-generating aspect of Rintagi ensures that this low-code platform builds itself also making it capable of rejuvenation.

04. Technology

What is Rintagi?

Aside from providing member applications with the core functionalities required to operate an online market and community, member applications are built upon the framework of Rintagi - the world's first fully open source low-code development platform. Rintagi will generate decentralized applications comprised of Ethereum smart contracts and front-end libraries. By specializing in its vertical, these member applications can generate smart contracts without coding.

Rintagi will generate the decentralized application user interface in Angular 4 which is both fast and responsive. It uses a Node.js backend which handles most of the business logic. The Angular 4 and Node.js has proven to be a very fast, lightweight and robust combination.
Through Web3, our application stack leverages the Ethereum blockchain and its smart contracts which offers all participants consistent, shared and secure processes. The nature of the decentralized blockchain allows a completely trustless interaction between parties which removes third party costs and commissions.
In order to process certain mission-critical data whose structure is well known, private and confidential information can be stored and exchanged. Especially data that requires guarantee that two or more updates either succeed or fail as an atomic unit. Through SQL server driver such as OLEDB, structured data such as client records and certain external data will be stored in a secured MSSQL server or equivalent.
Multiple levels of security, external authentication and strong usage profiling are included. Dynamic unstructured data will be stored on Firebase or equivalent via NoSQL driver. This is idea for personalization, user profile management, big data, interacting with internet of things (IoT), etc.
On a volunteer basis from member applications, BitruX network will collect large amounts of data which will be of huge value to our ecosystem partners. Through machine learning, these anonymous data will provide a market insight which does not exist today. External companies can also utilize this data as part of their solutions, even if they are not directly using the BitruX network.

All APIs will be open source, available to other solution vendors to use. By doing this we aim to create an even stronger ecosystem and with an active community of adopters to follow.
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05. BNT

The BitruX Network Token

BitruX is a decentralized autonomous organization and BNT token is a stake token. It is transparent to participants. Every single decision that is made by the management as well as all financial statements will be shown and clarified to the BNT owners.


The integrated voting system gives BNT owners the opportunity to vote. BNT owners are therefore included in all business activities and have great influence on them. It is a transparent glass-house structure.


BNT is used to power the BitruX Network and works as a means to reward or get rewarded for participation in the network. Some activities on the network has an associated cost. As a result of executing these activities, BitruX may be paid a fee. Member applications have their own tokens.

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7. Team

Meet the team

Full team to be announced Q2 2018.

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Robocoder Corporation | Dev Team

Robocoder Corporation is a reputable software design & development company known for open source low-code app development based in Greater Vancouver, BC. They have been developing mission-critical solutions for the last 18 years. Their roots are in financial software. Their securitization software is currently managing billions of dollars of assets for reputable financial institutions. Robocoder offers innovative products and services that save time.

microsoft partner
Robocoder Corporation partner
FintruX Partner

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